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Sax Francisco is a photographer, writer, Seer and Reiki Master.  She has worked as a professional Clairvoyant / Medium for over 13 years.  She founded The Eclectic Tea Cup in 1996 and has built a strong private practice that extends internationally.  Inspirational and empowering, her readings and predictions are "hauntingly accurate" Carla Collins.  She has appeared as a guest Clairvoyant on many radio and television programs including CTV's The Crystal Ball with Ben Mulroney, HGTV's The Designer Guys, MIX99.9fm's Carla Collins & Company and Alliance Atlantis' U8SoulSAX:  Media Engagements

The Eclectic Tea Cup is dedicated to the sacred exploration of Spirit.  Sax helps others discover the magic of life and light through Divination, Moon Cycles and Earth Wisdom.  She divines using a variety of mediums including Tasseomancy, Flowermancy and Photomancy.  For more information about private Mediumship / Clairvoyant sessions and corporate engagements please see the Appointments section.

In 2004 Sax was interviewed by The Angel Ladies, Deborah Vaughan and Jean Porsche for their soon to be released (Spring 2005) book on Canadian Psychics and Mediums.  Read the profile.

Sax provides insightful and inspirational readings focussed on Spirit and the moment.  Although she is able to connect with past, present and future information for clients Sax feels the moment is the most important aspect of linear time; for it is the moment which connects through all of time, continually shaping our futures and healing our pasts.

She continues to explore alternative healing methods with particular interest in vibrational and Sound Wave healing.  2004 marked the completion of her Reiki Mastery and commencement of her private healing practice.

Develop your own intuitive and clairvoyant abilities.  Join Sax for the following workshops:

See for Yourself 

Full Moon Tasseomancy 

with The Yoga Sanctuary.

2005 takes Sax on the road with William Troy Greene as they address audiences throughout Ontario and New York.

Join them for:

Where Spirit May Take Us.

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